The Never Ending Search

What are we searching for? And why can’t we ever find it?

Somedays you think you know and solved the question that burns within,

but then the next day it’s gone and you’re left searching in the wind.

Maybe we’re not suppose to find “IT”, or “IT” is not just one thing; or

we’re not allowed to have “IT” all to ourselves forever.

Maybe “IT” jumps from people to people sharing “Itself”.

Leaving us but a memory of once upone a time.

Maybe that’s what “IT” is. Collected stories all put together.

Some good, some not so good. Stories to share however we choose.

Whether it be with family and friends or with total strangers.

To inspire and enlighten or threaten and demoralize; however we choose to interpret.

One things for certain. This search is never ending. It keeps going

and going like infinite. Where or when or how it will stop, who knows..?

I guess we all just gotta keep going forward until we can’t anymore, or

maybe until we figure out how to hold on and never let go of “IT”.

But who really knows? Do you? And what exactly is “IT” for you?

My Brother, My Killer

A lot of thoughts and questions run through my head,
What did I do wrong, and what should I have done instead.
We were both on the same team, at least that’s what I thought.
We broke bread together and sat on the same table.
Shared jokes and laughter and we trained with the same master.
Blood, sweat, and tears; through it all we conquered all our fears.
We are the same, you and I.
But you stabbed me in the back, and left me there to die.
All I did was share,
And all you did was take.
All I did was love without condition,
and all you did was hate with all ambition.
The same people who ask what happen to me,
Is the same that I ask to look in the mirror deeply,
For you are my brother,
You tell me.

Invisible Man

When a man loves a woman  -Song by Percy Sledge
Poem I wrote a long time ago for a girl for anonymous purposes calls herself – .J
Hypnotized by the words you speak and the way that you walk
Wish I’d see you everyday, then maybe I’d get the courage to come up and talk.
Just wanna know what makes your mind tick and your soul tock.
See I don’t know what it is, but I feel you have potential.
Potential to rule the world. I can be the King and you can be my Girl.
But I know it’s a dream that won’t come true,
because you don’t see me the way I see you.
So what’s guy gotta do to make you notice?
Put a flashlight on my head and hold up a sign that says “Hello Miss” ?
But I’ll just sit and lie down on my bed and roleplay in my head
that one day, our mind, body, and soul would intertwine as one,
and you and me would finally be, forever, eternally.
**If you like, stick around to see what happens next**