An Angel From Afar

In 2004, I was fortunate enough to meet a beautiful and wonderful woman.  I was in the Army National Guard back then, and was waiting to deploy.  We were temporarily stationed in Hawaii for a couple of weeks.  It was pretty stressful for me ,being my first deployment and all, going through extensive training, the paper works, and all the b.s. I just wanted to leave and deploy as fast as possible, so I could come home, enjoy life, and be happy again.

The last few days though were the most memorable.  I met an angel. Everyone was always fighting for her attention, and it seemed that I did not stand a chance.  But as ladyluck and fate would have it, I was the chosen one.

I never really got a chance to thank her personally, and tell her how much she meant to me, and how she saved me.  Thankfully, technology has evolved, and it seems everyone has a Facebook account.  I now keep in touch with her, but still haven’t got the chance to fully express myself.

I can’t complain because at least I have that memory with me forever.  And as my late and great father would say, “Que sera sera, what will be, will be.”

You were an angel from afar,

Your presence made me wonder who you are.

I was a fan, you were the superstar.

When our eyes met

I felt a spark I wont forget.

The feeling , I’ll never regret.

I was nervous and scared,

My body become temporarily impaired.

Lost in the moment and in time,

Everything around was suddenly sublime.

Subconsciously you challenged me,

And like a man I accepted.

The high I felt later that night,

I swear, my soul floated to the moonlight.

The few days we spent together,

I will always cherish forever.

I will never forget you,

For in my heart you will always be,

My “Love”ly.

The Heart of a Champion

I recently had the honor of working and writing for one of my idols, Jay Dee Penn AKA BJ Penn @BJPENN.COM. For those who don’t know, I will gladly inform just a few things that this great man has accomplished.

They call him “The Prodigy”. For most people it takes up to 10 years to a life time to receive a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, but for BJ, it only took 3 years.  He was the first non-Brazilian to win the World Jiu Jitsu Championship in the Black Belt Division held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He holds Championship Belts in 2 different weight classes in the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship), where the elite of the elite compete and fight.  He has the face of a “baby”, youngest out of 4 brothers, hence the nickname “Baby Jay or BJ” ; humble personality, but has a heart of a lion and the spirit of a true warrior.

Other then fighting, he is involved in many other things.  He is a business man and entrepeneur.  Ambassador to the mixed martial arts community, author of recent book entitled, “Why I fight”; father to a beautiful daughter, Aeva, always supporting the Troops fighting for our country in any way possible, promoter and motivational speaker, the list goes on and on.

Recently he retired from mixed martial arts and the UFC.  Some might say he doesn’t have it anymore, and that the fire is dying within. But I don’t believe that for one second. He has fought doubters and proved them wrong all his life, just like I, so I know what it’s like. I know deep down the fire still burns and the lion is just resting, and the warrior is but camouflaged sharpening the blade.

A champion will always be a champion, it doesn’t have to be in fighting and competing. It could be in fatherhood/motherhood, business venture, music and/or whatever else they decide. As for the haters and doubters, they will always be there to envy and be jealous of the one thing that they will never have, the heart of a champion.

Invisible Man

When a man loves a woman  -Song by Percy Sledge
Poem I wrote a long time ago for a girl for anonymous purposes calls herself – .J
Hypnotized by the words you speak and the way that you walk
Wish I’d see you everyday, then maybe I’d get the courage to come up and talk.
Just wanna know what makes your mind tick and your soul tock.
See I don’t know what it is, but I feel you have potential.
Potential to rule the world. I can be the King and you can be my Girl.
But I know it’s a dream that won’t come true,
because you don’t see me the way I see you.
So what’s guy gotta do to make you notice?
Put a flashlight on my head and hold up a sign that says “Hello Miss” ?
But I’ll just sit and lie down on my bed and roleplay in my head
that one day, our mind, body, and soul would intertwine as one,
and you and me would finally be, forever, eternally.
**If you like, stick around to see what happens next**