The Never Ending Search

What are we searching for? And why can’t we ever find it?

Somedays you think you know and solved the question that burns within,

but then the next day it’s gone and you’re left searching in the wind.

Maybe we’re not suppose to find “IT”, or “IT” is not just one thing; or

we’re not allowed to have “IT” all to ourselves forever.

Maybe “IT” jumps from people to people sharing “Itself”.

Leaving us but a memory of once upone a time.

Maybe that’s what “IT” is. Collected stories all put together.

Some good, some not so good. Stories to share however we choose.

Whether it be with family and friends or with total strangers.

To inspire and enlighten or threaten and demoralize; however we choose to interpret.

One things for certain. This search is never ending. It keeps going

and going like infinite. Where or when or how it will stop, who knows..?

I guess we all just gotta keep going forward until we can’t anymore, or

maybe until we figure out how to hold on and never let go of “IT”.

But who really knows? Do you? And what exactly is “IT” for you?

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